Neurology in Frankfurt
My name is Dr. med. André Grabowski, I´m a specialist in neurology with a special training in neuroradiology and sports medicine.
As a neurologist I gathered many practical and scientific experience in the field of neurology and nearby medical disciplines since 2001.
In my practice I can offer you a wide range of diagnostic procedures (e.g. ultrasound, nerve conduction studies, electromyography) and treatment opportunities in neurological diseases.
If you have uncertainties with the results of a MRI or CT scan examination I can also offer you a second opinion for your scans from the brain or spine.
Neurologist are specialists
Neurologist are specialist for
• headache and migraine,
• vertigo,
• back pain,
• vascular diseases (e.g. stroke, vascular stenosis)
• epilepsy
• inflammatory diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis)
• neuropathy (e.g. sensory dysfunction) and neuropathic pain
• Parkinson disease and other movement disorders (like tremor)
• cognitive impairment and dementia
• brain tumors (diagnosis and post treatment evaluation)
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